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~Wish List 4: Hair~ [Apr. 11th, 2011|02:43 pm]
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 It has been 1 year since i dyed my hair blonde for the second time. 
I adore having such light hair but it is difficult to upkeep with my naturally dark hair.
For several months now i've been trying to decide what i would like to do with it next. 
I've come to the conclusion of either some sort of pastel (Pink, Blue, Green, Lilac) or a much brighter, out there colour that hasn't been done as much.!

Of course the obvious dye brands id been looking would be Manic Panic, with their very cute Cotton Candy Pink, and Special Effects with their much stronger, quirkier colours, however, ive also come across a website called Vixens and Angels who have a huge selection of gorgeous Temporary colours. Im not exactly sure of the quality of the dye but the colours are enough to want to give it a go.

Here are some of my favourites from that website:

Carnation Pink

Lagoon Blue

Its so hard to choose!! 
In saying all of this though, im not sure how worth it would be to buy one of these colours, as i said they are Temporary and only last for a few weeks, but with my experience with Manic Panic hair dye, that too only lasts a few weeks and then fades considerably. 
Decisions decisions!!

Here are the Manic Panic colours i love:

Bad Boy Blue

Mystic Heather

Lie Locks

Cotton Candy Pink

Im not going to bother putting up pictures of Special Effects colours, but if it came to buying their hair dye, i would have to dilute it to get pastel colours, so thats another option! :D

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(no subject) [Apr. 11th, 2011|12:23 pm]
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 It has been many many months since i went ahead and purchased any form of Lolita. 
Actually, if anything i have had to sell of the majority of my wardrobe due to moving out and lack of money. 
I find this quite depressing as Lolita is another major part of my life. 
Seeing all the new prints and designs that are being released by all brands is inspiring yet upsetting as i know as soon as they are released, they instantly become quite difficult to find again.

Last night i dreamt i was back in Japan. I think my need to go back exceeds alot of other needs right now. 
I feel i have had to push aside my passions for the real world, which sucks horribly. 
However, amongst the sadness it brings me to not be able to purchase my favourite prints, not be able to go onto auction sites to seek out my most sort out possessions (because come on, thats so fun..><!!), not be able to travel to Japan to easily just walk down the street to the nearest AP. Laforet or Closet Child, not be able to colour my hair nicely and not be able to feel good about myself in general anymore, i feel lucky i have determination and that i have a loving boyfriend.

Wait a second, is  a boyfriend really worth all that?

So, even though im not updating about things ive recently bought, i will keep sharing my thoughts on current and past items i desire and will work hard in the future to obtain!

Its nice to finally be clear headed.

~Prints, Accessories, Shoes, etc i plan on getting~
-Whimsical Vanilla Chan

-Wrapping Ribbon-

-Fantastic Dolly-

-Assorted Cookie Cutsew OP-

-Milky Berry-

-Marchen Ribbon Back Frill JSK-

-Block Check-

-Wonder Trip Regimental-

-Candy Border OT Socks-
-Wrapping Ribbon OT Socks-

-Black Ribbon Tights-

-Twinkle Star Shoulder Bag-

-Moon Night Story Bag-

-Star Engineer Boots-

This list is of items that i want most. Obviously, its all AP haha. But, it isn't even half of what i want!! Plus, i must focus on getting back the items i have had to sell. 
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~WishList 3: Metamorphose~ [Apr. 10th, 2011|06:18 pm]
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 One of the first Lolita brands i became interested when i first started wearing Lolita was Metamorphose Temps De Fille. 
I see Meta as a very alternative Lolita brand focusing on Sweet, Gothic, Classic and Punk. 
Their designs are one of a kind and out of the box.
A year ago i was in Japan for business with Electric Alice and on one of our shopping escapades in Closet Child one of the other girls found one of my dream Meta Prints, the ever gorgeous Heart Leopard.

Unfortunately for me, i wasn't quick enough on the find and it was purchased by one of the girls i was with.
Since that day i have found it virtually impossible to find anything in this print and colour way again.
The material used is extremely sheer and light and sits perfectly on any body shape. It can be used to dress up or casually. 

I will get my hands on any part of this print one day, possibly when i go back to Japan! :D

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~Wishlist 2: Collections~ [Apr. 9th, 2011|08:16 pm]
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 To most girls my age, Sailor Moon was probably one of the only cartoons to have any affect on their life.
Growing up, Sailor Moon was a passion, an obsession. I wanted my room covered in Sailor Moon, I wanted all the merchandise (however it was extremely difficult to find in Australia), and i wanted to be a Sailor Scout. I would and still watch it over and over, knowing all the ins and outs of Characters, Episodes, Theme Songs, The Manga! EVERYTHING there is to know, i know.

It was only a few months ago that i actually realised that Sailor Moon had become enormously popular again due to girls nostalgia towards their childhood. It surprised me to find out that the majority of the Merchandise i had collected growing up is worth extravagant amounts.
 Sailor moon is going on to its 20th year in 2012 so this may have something to do with it. ^_^'.

As i mentioned previously, Sailor Moon toys, such as Transformation Pens/Rods, Brooches, Costumes, Dolls, Tapes etc were hard to find in Australia in the early 90's. I remember one of the first items myself and my family bought from the internet was a VHS of "Sailor Moon Supers S Movie: The Black Dream Hole". *_* That was exciting..
Now it seems as if it is becoming even more difficult, not to find, but to find the available funds for such popular items as Sailor Moons Transformation Brooches, Moon Rod, Spiral Heart Moon Rod, etc. 

Obviously my plan is to collect all of the Merch i am missing, also i would like to start collection original animation cells again.
The way i live and view things and most of my interests up until this point in my life have been sparked by my childhood and adult love of Sailor Moon. 
Heres to my future collection of Sailor Moon!!
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~Wish List 1~ [Apr. 9th, 2011|03:53 pm]
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I am really getting into the new Salopette/Romper craze. I love how versatile they are.
The designs that Angelic Pretty are bringing out are gorgeous. Its obvious that its their own take on Fairy Kei, Yet of course, they are using their own designs which are predominately Sweet Lolita.
There are a number of styles you could use these Salopettes/Rompers for. 
The obvious styles are Sweet Lolita, Fairy Kei/Pop Kei and Sweet Kodona
But i think these could work easily with everyday, casual attire. 
Im thoroughly impressed at these designs, colour ways and versatility.
Well Done AP. You never cease to impress me.

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